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Training for a Warrior Dash- Week 2


Second week of my “training” is complete and I have to say it didn’t really go as I expected.  I think it’s going to be harder than I thought to get on a specific routine.  Between me going out of town and the ladies I’m trying to work out with juggling their kids’ summer schedules, it’s turning out to be pretty random workouts.  But at least I’m doing something!

Here’s what I did this past week:

SUNDAY:  Nothing!  We’re suppose to have one day of rest after all, aren’t we?

MONDAY:  Week 2/Day 2 of 5K Runner (2X).  Stats:  49.25 minutes/12:49 avg. pace, 3.85 miles, 405 calories burned.  Ok, let me just start off my comment with saying it was so darn hot and humid I thought I was dying!  The entire time I was complaining to myself…then I passed two muslim woman on the track outside the base that were fully covered getting exercise so I thought if they can do it in this heat and humidity so can I!  I also saw some poor construction workers installing metal roofing.  Seriously, if they can be out on a building doing that then I can certainly walk/run a few miles!  Lesson learned:  Get my lazy butt out of bed earlier in the morning and beat the heat!

TUESDAY:  I was in Philadelphia for the Jimmy Buffett concert so I went to the gym at the hotel.  Did Week 2/Day 2 5K Runner (oops, didn’t mean to repeat the same day but I did!)  I only did it one time instead of two, frankly because it just seems so much longer on a treadmill going nowhere.  Then I did the all the weight machines.

WEDNESDAY:  We drove back home Wednesday so I just went out for a 4 mile walk (pretty easy)

THURSDAY:  Trying to do the 5K Runner twice is kind of hard because it begins and ends with a 5 minute walk warm up/cool down and repeating just gives 10 minutes of walking.  Since I can’t figure out how to skip that first cool down and second warm up and go straight to repeating the training portion of the app, I had to improvise.  I think for now on I’m gonna skip this app and just walk during one song and jog during the next.  Anyways the map my run said I did this: 57:38 minutes/12:05 avg. pace, 4.77 miles, 539 calories burned.  Oh and by the way…I woke up early and went out before 8:00 am!  Felt much better.

FRIDAY:  The gym was being painted so we had to take our Obstacle course training program outside.  I have to admit, it was much harder outside in the heat!

SATURDAY: Walked the loop on base with a friend.  6.63 miles, 1:32:19 time, average pace 13.55.  It was hot and the neuromas on my foot were killing me.  I had to stop 3 times for that darn foot!

SUNDAY:  Upper body weights

I still feel like I’m not working out very hard, probably because I’m not as sore as I think I should be when working out every day.  Oh well…I’ll keep on going!

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