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Jimmy Buffett Concert


So I should start this post off by saying I’m really NOT a Jimmy Buffett fan. My husband on the other hand is a huge parrot head.  For years he has wanted to go to a Buffett concert but was never able to make it work…until this past week.  I guess looking back I never really minded Jimmy.  I had no opinion one way or another.  That is, until a couple years ago when we bought a new car that has satellite radio.  Now every time I’m in the car with him Margaritaville is on the radio.  Sure, on short trips it’s not so bad. But we go to DC frequently and that’s a two hour drive.  Two hours of Jimmy is just too much for this girl.


My Gaga concert outfit

I prefer more current day music.  In fact, as my friends will attest, I’m a huge Lady Gaga fan and I thought that would be the concert I’d be going to in Philly…until she had hip surgery and there went my first Gaga concert experience (so bummed).  But as the loving, supportive wife that I am, I bit the bullet and went with my husband. And guess what? I hate to admit that I actually had fun!

We have some really good friends that live outside of Philly, we were neighbors 20+ years ago, and they joined us for dinner and the concert.   We went to a great restaurant that I would highly recommend if you’re ever in Philadelphia, El Vez on 13th and Sansom.  First we started off with Margaritas (of course, it is a Jimmy Buffett concert after all).  A pitcher of Perfecto (El Jimador Blanco, Cointreauy, Grand Marnier, fresh lime juice) and a pitcher of Frozen Blood Orange Margaritas.  And to go with the margaritas some guacamole and chips. Not any old normal guac though, they had this fantastic guac with goat cheese, pistachios and roasted tomato. So yum!  For dinner we ordered some tacos and quesadillas to share.  We had Sea Bass tacos with potato purée, grilled scallion, fried jalapeños, crispy Mahi Mahi tacos with red cabbage, avocado, chipotle pepper remoulade, Grilled Beef tacos with refried beans, salsa mexicana, avocado crema, fried onions, Shrimp quesadilla with 3 cheese blend with tomatoes, pasilla sauce, pickled jalapeños and avocado espuma, and a Chicken Tinga quesadilla with 3 cheese blend, bacon, red onion and poblano crema.  Unfortunately, I was so engrossed in chatting and eating that I forgot to take a picture of all the food!  Shame on me.

Good Times with Good Friends!

Good Times with Good Friends!

Then with full bellies and, to be perfectly honest, just a little margarita buzz, it was off to the concert (don’t worry, we had a DD).  What an experience that was.  I have never seen so many middle aged people dressed like it was halloween in Hawaii.  So funny!  I was quite surprised to see so many young people there as well.  But I have to say, they weren’t all decked out the way the old peeps were.  Must have been a generational thing.

Well now I can say I’ve been there, done that.  I just hope it gets me a reprieve from Margaritaville on the radio for awhile…one can only hope!  Next concert…Jack Johnson, Oh Yeah!

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  1. Ginger permalink

    Too much fun!

  2. Joyce Gomez permalink

    Can’t believe you don’t like Jimmy!

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