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My Dad


I know most people will claim they have the best father in the world today on Father’s Day.  Just look at your Facebook news feed for proof!  But take it from me, I really do have the best father in the world (sorry folks).  With so many wonderful qualities too numerous to count, I thought I’d touch on a few that are pretty high on my list.

First and foremost, I admire his integrity.  If my own boys have a fraction of his integrity they will turn out to be good men.  And while that integrity might make him seem a little too “conservative” sometimes, I admire and respect that he stands by his convictions.  But that’s not to say he’s close minded when it counts!

He loves unconditionally…his wife, his children, his grandchildren, all of his family.  And he’s a good listener with good common sense.  Over the years he’s had to hear about all my trials and tribulations, usually they had to do with kid issues, and I always knew what he would say.  I just wish I had taken his advice more often, it would have made things a lot easier because he is a very wise man!  I could gush on and on about all the wonderful qualities my dad has, honest, loyal, supportive, to name just a few more, but I think it’s also fun to point out some of the quirkier qualities that make me smile.

Yesterday, while I was Skyping with my mom, I asked what dad was up to. He was sitting across from her on his computer working on organizing his pictures on Flickr.  Sounds harmless enough…until he piped in and told me he has 11,612 pictures on Flickr!   He had spent several days organizing all their photos into 228 sets.  Which, by the way, I think is awesome.  Now I can go on Flickr and find all the photos I want, old family photos, even family I don’t remember or never met, to current day.  Yes, most of the photos are from their travels all over the world…luckily they’re in individual sets so I don’t have to scroll through all of them – you know how boring it is to look at other people’s travel pics.  About 20 are good, then I lose interest.  And he also makes photo books for everything.  Next time he’s here for a few days, I told him I’m putting him to work organizing all my photos and making me a couple of photo books!

He’s also pretty creative.  Way back when, I use to call him a “clever little shit” just because he’d always figure out a way to make something work.  When I was little I did gymnastics, so he made me a balance beam for the garage.  When I was even younger, he made me fake crutches so I could hobble around and pretend I broke a leg (I think I might have needed a little attention at the time).  You got wires you don’t want to see?  He has a solution!  Our latest creative adventure together was this past spring when I was trying to make some custom shelving for the wet bar in our condo out in LA.  I had this great idea of  3 floating shelves with steel rods going through holes in each one to make it look like they were suspended from the ceiling.  We search all over Scottsdale (that’s where they live) for options for those darn rods…finally finding a metal shop to cut some for us.  I packed them up in the car, so excited to hang this awesome creation, only to discover once the counters were installed we couldn’t get the 36″ rods run through the shelves.  Oh well, not every idea works 😦

My dad also thinks he likes his food a certain way and you can’t change it.  When we were young he would always make Sunday breakfast.  So when I was older, we were making hash browns and I said “Dad, lets put some onions and peppers in there” and of course his answer was something to the effect he thought it would ruin it.  Well, guess how he makes his hash browns now?  I also have to make cinnamon rolls every Christmas.  So this past year I glazed half of them with regular glaze, but thought I’d shake it up a bit with some cream cheese glaze over the other half.  I offered the new creation to my dad and I bet you can guess which one he chose.  Yup the regular one.  But when he went back for another, he had the cream cheese glazed one and declared it a success.   So I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!  Although I’m still trying to get him to use bigger pieces of lettuce in his salad (he practically shreds it!).

I could go on and on…but I won’t.  I’m sure this is starting get just like looking at other people’s trip pics.



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  1. Mary Jane Irvin permalink

    That’s the best brother in the world you’re talking about!! MY fantastic “little” brother who I love so very much. I have wonderful memories of growing up with him and watching him raise you and your brother. He is truly the best father in the world I would agree.
    Your favorite aunt.

  2. “I’m sure this is starting get just like looking at other people’s trip pics.” HEY!

    Love you granddad!

  3. Dad permalink

    Thanks to my darling daughter for all your kind words. Such a wonderful tribute that I hope I can live up to for the rest of my life.
    I am truly blessed and extremely proud to have you as my daughter.

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